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Benefiting from our Tree Surgery Services in Billingshurst


At Winterfold Tree Services, our tree surgery work provides a wealth of benefits for customers in the Billingshurst area. In additional to our specialist hedge cutting and stump grinding services, our tree surgeons are on hand to make sure that you’re always aware of the many different aspects surrounding tree surgery.


Shaping or trimming a tree isn’t always enough to make it safe and we sometimes have to take the stance that a tree at your Billingshurst property must be removed.


Damaged trees can become hazardous. When branches overhang commercial and domestic properties, or if they could cause personal injury, our tree surgeons may take steps to remove the whole tree. We must stress that this type of tree surgery is only used if all other avenues have been exhausted.




This process is undertaken when the top of the tree’s crown is removed to reduce height. To some Billingshurst customers, it can seem a drastic measure but because heavy re-growth is possible once topping is completed, our tree surgeons may take off more of the tree than you may feel is necessary. Topping is usually carried out to avoid overhead cables .