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Fully-Qualified Tree Surgeons in Bramley | FAQ


Here at Winterfold Tree Services, we take great pride in our reputation for outstanding tree surgery in the Bramley area. From stump removal to hedge cutting, the arboriculture services we provide cover every possible requirement and never fail to impress. With so much to offer, including the sale of high-quality firewood logs, it’s little wonder why we receive a high volume of questions regarding the work we do.


For the convenience of our clients in Bramley and the surrounding areas, we’ve answered a handful of the most commonly asked questions we receive below.


Where are you based?


Winterfold Tree Services is based in Guildford, giving us quick and direct access to Bramley, where we undertake regular tree surgery work.


Are you fully-qualified tree surgeons?


Absolutely. Our tree surgeons have been trained to the highest NPTC standards. Our clients in Bramley can rest assured that we carry out tree surgery, stump removal and hedge cutting in full compliance with current Health & Safety legislation.


We strongly recommend that any Bramley property owner avoids tree surgeons who don’t carry the relevant certification.


Do you carry out any kind of tree surgery procedure?


Yes, we do. Our tree surgeons have the experience and expertise to undertake a complete range of tree surgery practices.


Our tree surgery services in Bramley include, but aren’t limited to:

• Crown Lifting

• Crown Reduction

• Crown Thinning

• Sectional Dismantling

• Directional Felling

• Formative Pruning


Do you offer a hedge cutting service?


Yes, we provide a hedge cutting service for Bramley clients that achieves fantastic results. Whether as a one-off service or as part of on-going maintenance, our hedge cutting not only improves aesthetics, but increases overall access and safety too.


As environmentally-conscious tree surgeons, we strive to avoid hedge cutting during the nesting season. This period runs approximately from the start of March to the end of July.


Can you remove a tree stump from my property?


Yes, we have a versatile, reliable stump removal service. Using specially-designed heavy-duty machinery, our tree surgeons reduce stumps on Bramley properties to a 14-inch depth. At the very least, this removes the stump from the field of vision, putting it safely below the soil line. In many cases, however, this will be enough for complete stump removal.


Whether it’s to improve the appearance of a garden, increase property safety or to protect the health of surrounding plants, tree stump removal remains a wise investment for any property owner.


Do you sell firewood?


Yes, we sell firewood procured from our tree surgery work in Bramley and the surrounding areas. Not only does this offer local residents and businesses a continuous supply of firewood, it also benefits the environment. What’s more, we deliver to locations across Bramley free of charge! But please note, deliveries are only made on a Friday.


We sell firewood as seasoned hardwood logs 8-inches and 10-inches in length. They are available in 1, 2 or 3 cubic metre bulk bags.


In addition to these firewood options, we also sell and deliver woodchip, also sourced from our tree surgery work in the Bramley area.


For more information regarding tree surgery, stump removal, hedge cutting and firewood in Bramley, speak to one of our tree surgeons on 01483 203 474 or 07767 410 071.