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Firewood Logs with Free Local Delivery


At Winterfold Tree Services, we’re passionate about our firewood logs. By recycling materials derived from our tree surgery work, we can maintain and supply a continuous volume of firewood to clients in Guildford and the surrounding area.


We deliver FREE OF CHARGE throughout the immediate Guildford area. Deliveries are made on a Friday because we’re out performing tree surgery work during the rest of the week.


8-inch (20cm) or 10-inch (25cm) Length Seasoned Hardwood Logs

  • Half Load (equivalent to 1 cubic metre bulk bag) @ £90
  • Full Load (equivalent to 2 cubic metre bulk bags) @ £175
  • XL Load (equivalent to 3 cubic metre bulk bags) @ £260

       *Please note that all logs are delivered as loose loads.



  • £6 per bag
  • 3 bags for £15




Fire Lighter Pro is a natural firelighter made from certificated wood wool and paraffin wax suitable for all stoves, fireplaces, pizza ovens, log burners and BBQ’s.  It burns with a smokeless flame and does not have any impact on food.  To start a fire you will normally need 1-2 pieces of firelighters to be placed between firewood, briquettes or coal.


Bag of 60 pieces £8


photo of Fire Lighter Pro




In addition to logs and firewood, clients in Guildford and Surrey can choose our company for the purchase of woodchip. Our woodchip is fresh or mulched and perfect for use in gardens and playgrounds. Once again, free delivery is available.


All branches (brash) derived from our tree surgery work are processed through a chipper to create woodchip. This is made available to our own customers and local power stations who use it to create electricity


The main trunk and all large branches (timber) are used to create firewood. We firmly believe that our approach to tree surgery work in the Guildford area is sustainability at its best. Woodchip can be purchased in the following volumes:


Mulched Woodchip

  • 1 cubic metre of mulched woodchip @ £60
  • 2 cubic metres of mulched woodchip @ £115


Fresh Woodchip

  • 1 cubic metre of fresh chipped hardwood (free of greenery) @ £90
  • 2 cubic metres of fresh chipped hardwood (free of greenery) @ £175