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Hedge Cutting Services in Guildford and Surrey


We are hedge cutting and trimming specialists for Guildford and all surrounding locations including Godalming, Cranleigh and Cobham. If your property has an overgrown hedge that could benefit from regular maintenance, call us now for a free, no-obligation quote.


Our company times all services so that hedges are never unduly affected by our work. Wherever possible, we prefer to avoid reducing or removing edges during nesting season. This period usually runs from the start of March to the end of July.


While many of our clients in the Guildford and Surrey areas opt for hedge cutting to preserve kerb appeal, our work goes way beyond this purpose. Regular cutting and trimming can also make gardens safer, particularly for younger members of the family.


Having clearer walkways around your property will provide numerous benefits for everybody living or working inside. You may even find that regular hedge cutting and trimming leaves you with more garden space than you are normally used to.

Environmental Benefits of Hedge Cutting


Property owners within a wide radius of Guildford will enjoy environmental benefits whenever they use our hedge cutting services. We carefully select equipment that allows us to work efficiently but still reduce our own carbon footprint.


Hedge trimming can also be a positive factor in maintaining the health of surrounding plants and shrubbery. Unkempt hedges have a tendency to dominate other species, often starving them of the vital sunlight and rainwater that keeps them in pristine condition.


If you live in or around Guildford and would like to find out more about our hedge cutting services, we are available to take your call and advise you. Winterfold Tree Services can be contacted on (01483) 203474 or (07767) 410071.