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The Benefits of Stump Grinding in Pulborough


One of the many services we carry out on behalf of customers in Pulborough, in addition to our hedge cutting and traditional tree surgery work, is stump grinding. For those who have never come across the process before, stump grinding is the removal of the last remaining part of a tree trunk.


When a tree is felled and removed by a tree surgeon, all that remains is the unsightly stump. Our tree surgeons are capable of dealing with all stumps effectively.


If a tree stump is left, it starts to regrow and can become a breeding ground for root diseases, affecting the health of other plants and trees nearby. Our tree surgeons also believe that stumps are an eyesore, not only taking up valuable space in your Pulborough garden but representing a tripping hazard too.


As the stump can become overgrown with weeds and grass, they create a dangerous obstacle for children playing outside. As a form of tree surgery, stump grinding is highly effective, permanent and undertaken with safety in mind.


Removing the Tree Stump


With stump grinding, we use a mechanical process to grind down the stump below the ground surface. The specialist machinery used by our tree surgeons reduces the stump and the roots quickly with minimum disturbance to land around the tree. This effectively kills off any further growth and the roots will die.


When we use this tree surgery method for clients in Pulborough, it turns the stump into a type of mulch which can be reused around your garden to help with plant growth. Also, our tree surgeons will offer further advice on how you can replant the area left behind.


While we’re working at your home, we can also take care of any hedge cutting or tree care need you may have. Winterfold Tree Services Ltd provides the customer with a high quality finish on all gardens or grounds.


We are here to provide professional, affordable stump grinding and tree surgery services for domestic and commercial customers in Pulborough and all surrounding areas. All of our tree surgeons are certified and our work is fully insured and guaranteed.


Find out more about our tree care, stump grinding and hedge cutting services in Pulborough by calling us today on 01483 203474.