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Stump Removal in Bramley, Chiddingford & the Guildford Area


Whether a domestic home in Bramley, or a commercial property in Chiddingford, the benefits of tree stump removal services cannot be understated. Based in our hometown of Guildford, Winterfold Tree Services has quick, direct access to surrounding Surrey locations including Cobham, Cranleigh and Godalming. Our tree surgeons have undertaken countless tree stump removal work across the region, providing results that never fail to impress.


But why do people need to have tree stump removal at their property?  Whether it’s in Guildford, Bramley, Chiddingford or any neighbouring location, our clients receive a number of benefits that include:


  • Improved Aesthetics – There’s no denying that a tree stump is an eyesore. No matter how hard you work in your garden, if a stump remains in a prominent place, it will always distract attention from the beautiful surroundings. Tree stump removal work carried out by our tree surgeons lets your hard work take centre stage again
  • Increased Safety – Whether you have children or grandchildren, or you own a commercial or public site in Guildford, Bramley, Chiddingford or the Surrey area, a tree stump greatly increases the risk of a trip and fall. Our tree stump removal service eliminates this low-level, often hidden hazard before an unfortunate accident
  • Protecting Nearby Plants – Tree Stumps act as a magnet to various fungi and bacteria. While not all of these are hazardous to other plant life, they can pose a threat to curious children and pets. Some of these fungi can be dangerous, however, including honey fungus, which can spread to other plants nearby


If your Guildford, Bramley, Chiddingford or wider Surrey area property requires tree stump removal work, please contact us. Our team of friendly tree surgeons are always happy to help.


Tree Stump Removal at Your Property | What to Expect


When we agree a date and time for tree stump removal with our clients, we arrive promptly and get to work immediately. We recognise that we undertake our services at homes and places of business, so we strive to minimise disruption wherever possible.


We use high-powered stump grinding machines that can negotiate the vast majority of terrains in Guildford, Bramley, Chiddingford and the Surrey area. Through the use of rapidly-moving teeth, our stump grinding machines make short work of tree stumps, turning them into wood chippings that can either be left for the client’s use, or be removed from the site by our tree surgeons.


The machinery we use in tree stump removal services reaches a depth of 14 inches. In the majority of cases, this represents a sufficient depth for the complete removal of the stump and roots.


In other cases, or at the customer’s request, we can also grind down to a suitable depth below the soil line, covering the remainder of the stump with soil or wood chippings.

As always, the final decision on any tree stump removal work remains with our clients in Guildford, Bramley and the surrounding areas. Our tree surgeons never push for a hard-sell that doesn’t fit your budget.


The tree stump removal work we provide across Surrey, including locations in Cobham, Cranleigh and Godalming, runs in conjunction with our wider tree surgery services.


For more information on tree stump removal in Guildford, Bramley, Chiddingford and the Surrey area, talk to one of our tree surgeons on 01483 203 474 or 07767 410 071.