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Tree Surgery Services in Guildford and Surrey


Covering our home town of Guildford and all surrounding locations in Surrey including Cobham, Godalming and Cranleigh, we are tree surgery professionals qualified to NPTC standards. From formative pruning and crown reductions to the full removal of a damaged or dangerous tree, we deliver professional, friendly services at the most competitive rates.


All domestic and commercial requirements are covered by our team. If you need work carried out by true arboriculture professionals, call us now and we’ll come to see you at a convenient time to talk about your requirements.


Once we are on-site, we’ll be able to recommend the most suitable type of tree surgery. Clients in the Guildford and Surrey areas will be given accurate timescales for completion.


We perform risk assessments and we always ensure the best possible outcome for trees on your land. Healthy trees are preserved wherever possible. Winterfold Tree Services are genuine tree surgery experts who are fully insured. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote or to discuss our full service range.

Eliminate the Root of the Problem with our Stump Grinding Service


Stump grinding is an integral part of our tree surgery work. Some homeowners find stumps troublesome. Not only are they an eyesore but they also create a tripping hazard. We travel to all surrounding towns and villages of Guildford to reduce remnants to below-ground level.


Our machinery reduces stumps to a 14-inch depth. This is sufficient enough to remove the stump from the line of vision and to eliminate the prospect of tripping completely. Once again, we can provide a free initial survey and quotation on request.


Negotiating Tree Preservation Orders


Local councils in Guildford and Surrey are duty-bound to protect trees. Preservation orders are used to achieve certain objectives including:


  • Strengthening the conditions required for planning permission
  • Protecting attractive trees even when there is no obvious threat
  • Protecting trees that are in danger of being felled
  • Protecting woodland by planting new trees to replace those felled


While a tree preservation order can be a barrier to tree surgery work, diseased, hazardous and dying trees can sometimes be removed. This requires the permission of the relevant local authority, who will provide the go-ahead for pruning or felling in writing.


It is illegal to perform surgery on any specimen with a preservation order, particularly if it destroys or substantially damages the tree. Doing so, or granting permission for others to do so, could leave you liable to an unlimited fine. You will also have a duty to replace the tree.


If you need us remove a tree anywhere in Guildford or Surrey but are unsure if it is protected or not, call Winterfold Tree Services now. We provide full site surveys, liaise with local authorities and help in gaining permits for this specialist type of tree surgery.